Can you keep a secret?

Once upon a time a busy brand strategist sat at her home office desk full of the essentials (eyeliner, tea cup and pain au chocolat) and enthusiastically said to herself “I’m going to update my portfolio and my website next week!” Fast forward 104 weeks later - still nothing.

She started thinking... it must be moi.

There must be something with me, about me, inside of me, that can’t get it done.

She started reconnecting with herself. Freeing up her schedule, eliminating the excuses and exploring her wild, wild, inner world.

Once there - she didn’t find the vision for the updated portfolio that she so desired. She found something so much stronger, that she had lost touch with 4 years ago. That something, you ask? The 14 magazine issues she had published then - and that each received up to 40,000 hits monthly. The deeper call inside of her had finally been heard - loud and clear. The dices had been rolled. She said to herself - alea jacta est (A.K.A. "sh*t just got real".)

So, there you go - you’re in the know. It’s happening, my friend. Right now behind my screen, I’m busy carefully crafting each page, lovingly breathing life into my dream. And the most thrilling of it all? It'll be here soon. You don't want to miss that.

This is why I’m no longer welcoming new clients into my small business (I adore my existing clients and they keep me busy). That said - I’m always (and happily) welcoming new friends on the road to "turn-your-dream-into-your-life" city.

Come dream with me.

This is so on.

As a merci you will get my 25-page workbook
"5 Easy & Fun Steps to Prioritize your time".


Nadine N. Bone