Can you keep a secret?

Once upon a time a busy brand artisan (also known as all-in-one graphic designer + front-end developer + storyteller + project manager) sat at her home office desk full of the essentials (eyeliner, tea cup and pain au chocolat) and enthusiastically said to herself “I’m going to update my portfolio and my website next week!” Fast forward 104 weeks later - still nothing.

She started thinking... it might be time for a major rebrand. (The kind that takes longer than a week, obviously.)

She said to herself - alea jacta est.

So, there you go - you’re in the know. It’s happening, my friend. Right now behind my screen, I’m busy handcrafting my new website, meticulously gathering the details of freelance projects that have been a joy for me to work on.

This is why I’m no longer accepting new clients but I’m always thrilled to hear a little bonjour if you fancy it.

This is so on.

As a merci you will get my 25-page workbook
"5 Easy & Fun Steps to Prioritize your time".


Nadine N. Bone