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How to hire a copywriter

You came to the point in your business, when you know that you need to hire a copywriter. You seem to have identified where your marketing fails. No matter what are the features you push in front of their eyes, your potential customers just don’t seem to find it valuable.

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Why hire a SEO Copywriter?

There are many reasons why as a business owner you would consider hiring a SEO Copywriter. From getting content for your next website to writing sales letters that promote your latest product, a professional SEO Copywriter will make this task fast and easy for you. In this article we will review together 2 good reasons… Continue Reading

What is a professional copywriter?

Are you curious as to what is a professional copywriter? As discussed previously, content is the core aspect to your online branding. It determines who you are (branding) in relation to your competitors (positioning.) While a picture is said to worth a thousand words, there are chances that your potential and repeat customers look at… Continue Reading