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My “Entrepreneurista” Challenge Day #9 – Top 7 VA Businesses Websites [PART 1]

As announced yesterday, here is the gallery of my 7 favorite virtual assistants businesses’ websites. The article was once again über long, so I had to make it into two parts – the second part will be published tomorrow of course!

I stumbled upon the following websites as I looked around the web for various virtual assistants industry news. In my eyes, these virtual assistance professionals clearly know how to express their unique styles through their websites. They created a unique, thoughtful web experience for their future clients – an experience that makes you want to stay on their websites and start engaging with them.

Mostly WordPress-powered websites

[update] There are 6 out of my top 7 picks that are currently running on WordPress. Being a WordPress Expert, I highly recommend this webdesign/webdevelopment solution as I use it in my own business, for my clients and for myself every single day!

#1. Virtual Miss Fridayhttp://www.virtualmissfriday.co.uk/

You really can’t go wrong with Michelle Dale. She does what she says and she says what she does (I joined her VA Passport website and it’s really amazing)! She even inspired me this post, as I recently stumbled upon this article on her blog. Her website is intuitive and the colors are harmonious, she customized the social media icons style to match her company’s brand and her company’s logo is clearly visible at the top.

The plus of this virtual assistant business website: The video presentation! If you really want to take up a notch your VA business – go ahead and create a video introducing yourself or your services. I personally plan on exploring video marketing at length in the next few months so I can only recommend it to you. Note: Michelle’s website does not run on WordPress and looks flawless 🙂


> Is your logo visible on your website? Are the colors on your website consistent with your company’s branding?

 [BONUS QUESTION] Do you have a video presenting your services on your website?

#2. BSETChttp://www.bsetc.com/

Erin Blaskie is in my top lists of  “VAs Women to Watch” if I dare say. Erin runs a profitable virtual assistant business since 2004 and I’ve read on various VA forums that many women learn a lot from her virtual assistants’ coaching programs and products. Her website is colorful, extremely creative and the professional woman graphic makes you want to discover who the real person behind it is. Besides, Erin’s VA Firm home page has been retweeted 113 times which indicates the social media authority as well as the popularity of her firm.

The plus of this virtual assistant business website: The “start here” button tells the visitor how to get started using BSETC services.


> Do you have social media sharing icons on your home page and your static pages? 

[BONUS QUESTION] Does your website clearly tell your visitors where to go first when they want to start working with you?

#3. 25th Hour Assistanthttp://www.25thhourassistants.com/

I’m not sure if it’s a « geek chick » thing, but I’m gaga over pink and my favorite color is purple – so of course when I see such a website, I’m just basically falling in love with the webdesign! Every single detail has been thought to make the navigation of the visitors a breeze. The owner, Amanda Brienza, greets you with a smile and the 3 top goals she can help her clients achieve are clearly visible: “more time, less stress, greater flexibility”.

The plus of this virtual assistant business website: At the bottom of the home page there are two options available for the visitor, helping him/her to make a decision within seconds after landing on the website: “I’m ready” or “I’m not sure”. Through its website, this VA business proves that it understands its visitors and addresses the concerns they may have.  Right from the home page, visitors are redirected to the information that is the most appropriate to them.


Does your website clearly tells your client how you can help them?

 [BONUS QUESTION] If your client is still hesitating, is your website ready to help him better decide if this service is for him?

#4. Easy Wk(tm) – http://www.easywk.com/

There is pink again on this website, I’m feeling spoiled (dances)! The VA Firm of Angie Wheeler, the owner, is one of the best examples of what I call a “creative VA” business branding. It presents eye-catchy icons, rounded shapes for some elements of the web page and pastel, hot colors are present everywhere and contrast beautifully with the dark and pale grey of the website’s background.

The plus of this virtual assistant business website: The navigation at the top is extremely fluid. As a visitor, you feel comfortable visiting her website and it makes you want to discover her working style and her services. Angie also put a photo where she is smiling on the home page, which is a great way to start connecting with her.


> Is your website reflecting the style of your services and/or of the niche market you are targeting?

 [BONUS QUESTION] Can we see a photo where you are smiling, next to your biography?

That’s it for today! Remember that there are literaly thousands of existing Virtual Assitant websites in the world and the ones I showcase on my blog only reflect my personal favorites among the dozens of websites I have visited. I would love to know your very own virtual assistant business website and your favorite virtual assistants or virtual assistance industry websites as well!

Tomorrow we’ll review together the final websites in my gallery of top 7 virtual assistants businesses’ websites. I hope you enjoyed the selection so far!

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Tell me in the comments below: in your opinion, what are the “must-have” elements of a professional virtual assistant website?