How to hire a copywriter

You came to the point in your business, when you know that you need to hire a copywriter. You seem to have identified where your marketing fails. No matter what are the features you push in front of their eyes, your potential customers just don’t seem to find it valuable.

I have discussed in a previous post the different qualities of a copywriter. In today’s post, I will share with you a foolproof, step-by-step process that should help you tremendously next time you get yourself stuck wondering how to hire a copywriter the smart way.

To hire a copywriter you must put your detective hat on!

When considering hiring a copywriter, you should always investigate his or her professionalism. How did you get to know him/her? Does he/she have a website that is appealing to you? Did he/she work with businesses similar to you in the past? If not, is he/she willing to give it a try? What other working projects has he/she been working on? These are as many basic questions that you should be able to answer by going through the pages of his/her professional website, in a matter of clicks. If you plan on being represented by a quality web content writer, then his or her skills should show in his or her very own website. Check out his/her blog, review the testimonials of his/her previous clients, visit his/her “projects” page… Do everything to ensure that paying for his or her services are well worth your money.

Take impactful actions before you hire a copywriter

As much as you are expecting professional services from your future Copywriter, you should as well come up with a professional approach. To do so, there are 5 paragraphs that you can write down now that should help your copywriter get started on your project as soon as possible:

  • Who are you? Make the description of your company and its products or services
  • What do you do? You should take the time to write all the features and benefits your customers will receive through the use of your products and services
  • Why do you do it? This is when you explain why people should go for you rather than your competitors. Your customers already know that you do it to make a decent income – now what about your passion, your social background or even your family history? Make sure to make this paragraph compelling, as it will be one of the core marketing arguments of your future sales copy.
  • How do you do it? When a customer gets in touch with you, what is the process for him to access your services or products?
  • When do you do it? You want to explain here the life span of your current offering so that the copywriter will push your customers to take action in a reasonable timeframe throughout your future irresistible sales copy.

Now you are ready to hire a copywriter

Look online for freelancers and agencies who provide professional copywriting services. They may specialize in SEO copywriting or ghostwriting – the first thing that matters is that they look and sound professional; of course, they must as well have proofs of this professionalism.

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Now that you read this post, you should know not only how to hire a copywriter, but also be ready to approach a professional copywriter with serenity and ease. Bring a resume of your company, services, products and one that introduces yourself – knock at his or her door and get ready to leverage your online business’ income!

Contact me today if you are ready to hire a copywriter for your next project.

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