My “Entrepreneurista” Challenge Day #13 – Top 8 Virtual Assistants Businesses on Twitter [Part 1]

Hey looks like I’ve skipped two days of daily blogging! I have been busy following the next steps of my virtual assistant business creation but now I’m back to put together the list of the top 8 Virtual assistant businesses on Twitter, as promised in my previous post.

Err… Excuse my French…

… You will find in the screenshot below some elements of Twitter translated in French because well, I live in France and it’s how it shows up! Smiles. But I’m sure you can easily picture it with your own language.

#1. Virtual Miss Friday – https://twitter.com/miss_friday

Michelle is keeping up beautifully with the background theme from her blog along with the light yellow that can be found in her twitter background and in the right Twitter’s sidebar. The pale blue of the banners attract the eye on the important information such as her two main websites’ URLs. The banners are laying over a professionally-designed woman cartoon that is also the main graphic representation on her blog.

Question: does the theme of your virtual assistant business’ Twitter account draw the visitor’s attention on information you want to put forward?

#2. Virtual Management Concept – https://twitter.com/DonnaVMC

Donna has one of the nicest virtual assistant business branding I have seen – especially because, well, purple is my favorite color. What I like about her business branding is that it mixes purple with green in a very artistic way: the texture of the Twitter background gives a brushed/painted look that is very creative and refreshing. Donna has maximized the small space Twitter leaves for branding by reducing her long business name “Virtual Management Concept” into “VMC”, with a bold “M” to match the fact that “management” is naturally highlighted in the long version of the business name. Last but not least, you can see within seconds who are the persons she works with (authors) and what services she offers (new media and public relations services.)

Question: does the theme of your virtual assistant business’ Twitter account says who you work with and what you can do for them?

[BONUS QUESTION] Do you have a short version of your logo that would be best suited for small branding spaces opportunity, such as Twitter background?

#3. The Savvy Women’s Business Solutions – https://twitter.com/rbuscemi

Rebecca has a fun and feminine touch in her Twitter theme and that’s why I picked it. The pale green with the darker shade of purple is a very good reflection of her logo and thus makes of her Twitter account an excellent example of virtual assistant business branding (check out her website and you will see what I mean!) The most interesting is that Rebecca uses all the space offered by Twitter to promote her small business: on the left you can see who she is and what she does and on the right, a bigger version of her logo is displayed. The green of the large logo on the right contrasts beautifully with the green color that she picked for Twitter’s right sidebar. This virtual assistant business’ Twitter theme is both clear and informative, a goal that is sometimes challenging to pursue, but that is met professionally here.

Question: does the theme of your virtual assistant business’ Twitter account maximizes the space available to give more information about you or your business?

#4. Your Go to girls – https://twitter.com/go2girls

I really love the green theme here, that is complemented by few elements in dark brown for an “earthy” look. The twitter account name of this virtual assistant business has been changed from “go to girls” to “go 2 girls”, a twist that reflects the logo but also makes the twitter account’s name memorable and fun! On the left, there are customized social media icons along with details on how to find and connect with the virtual assistant business beyond Twitter. The logo on the virtual assistant business on the top left is bold and engaging. It is followed by the business’ tagline. Laurie Cantus, the owner, has a great smile on the photo, a unique way to start connecting with the visitor of Go2Girls twitter account.

Question: does the theme of your virtual assistant business’ Twitter account present other ways to connect with you on the web?

[BONUS QUESTION] Is your VA Business Twitter account’s name easy to find and to remember? It is important, especially if you want people to be able to send you direct messages easily.

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In the next post you’ll discover the final 4 of the list! Let me know how you enjoy the selection so far!

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In the comments below tell me what is on your VA Business Twitter Account: your photo or your VA Business’ logo? Why? Will you change for the other?

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    • Hey Michelle,

      thank you very much for commenting 🙂 The VA Business is going well so far I should share more details after the branding part.

      No problem at all for the mention, you really have high-quality materials and graphics when it comes to Virtual Miss Friday, that’s quite impressive and that’s why I keep on mentionning them 🙂

      See you on your blog!

      – Nadine

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