My “Entrepreneurista” Challenge Day #4 – Books Smart to Business Smart

Every day, for at least 90 days, I’ll write on this blog my experience of aspiring woman entrepreneur. I’m based in Paris, France. Being bilingual, I want to reach out to a global clientele and I am currently on the planning phase of my international online business, an online business management company. I plan to launch it in March 2012.

This post talks about me, my background. I think it’s an essential part of starting a business. I mean a business here, not a month-to-month job that you own. I believe that if you start a business that is meant to last you a lifetime (or at least you ideally plan for that), then you must clearly know who you are and what you want in life. I answered all these questions while working on myself in the past months so I can sum them up here today.

If you finished reading my previous post, now you know. Yep – I’ve spent a lot of money running my first ever virtual business.

But do you know what I’ve gained in return?

Here’s a list:

  • I had a basic English level when I first started. As I absolutely wanted to communicate professionally around my events I’ve come to speak English daily and now I do speak English fluently (besides French)
  • I know how to produce an event from A to Z, from inception to production… and I am fully aware that last minute technical issues can happen (and how to handle them quickly and efficiently)
  • I have managed a team of up to 40 persons, designing and publishing a monthly digital magazine and coordinating small to large charity events
  • I quickly created and experienced a “real life like” online office thanks to various team work tools available on the web… so I mastered without even knowing it the concept of online business management
  • I can put myself in the shoes of a woman small business owner, as I used to be a “do it yourself-er” myself in the first months of my business and quickly learned how to delegate some tasks for the best outcome
  • I discovered that I am a born leader; I am not afraid to take the lead… which also implies assuming full responsibility when things go wrong (that’s why I settle for nothing but the best)
  • I thought that I was meant to be independent forever but I’ve come to realize that I work best in team and when in team, I give 200% of myself if and when I’m in a leading role
  • I work best with clients who are just like me: striving for excellence, honesty and authencity in everything they do
  • I am comfortable being uncomfortable and trying new things (learning new skills, exploring new business ventures…)
  • I love systems! I love to create systems, implement them and update them routinely… I now fully understand their importance and create them right from the start, for anything I do regularly
  • I only stick to things that reflect my core values: honesty, integrity and loyalty
  • I am a born consultant – I used to give tips and advices all the time to my virtual fashion designer clients of my virtual fashion PR agency and I loved it! It was a pleasure for me to see their business receive positive feedback and increase their products’ sales after implementing one or two of my own proven and tested tricks.

If it’s what you get after being a loser on a 3 years project, then please by all means, sign me up.

I call it being a loser with benefits.

It made me think… I’ve got a premium online business management experience on a shoestring budget. Overall, losing money after living what I’ve lived is not that bad. Imagine if I had to learn everything I’ve learned after starting a real world business, employing people with real world salaries!

It’s simple: I would have been in debt of maybe 5 times or 10 times the amount… Can you imagine me, in my 20’s, investing and losing several dozens of thousands of euros over the course of 3 years? Without talking about how you feel deep inside when it happens.

Only a few persons know this…

I was 19 when I launched my very first virtual business. As a freelancer, my clients often look surprised when I say my age (especially as I celebrated my 23rd anniversary this past December) and they think it’s so early to have a passion for entrepreneurship. But…

…I am an entrepreneur!

After all I’ve been through, I can safely tell you that I am one. I’ve worked hard on managing and nurturing my first ever online venture every single day, years after years. I have learned from my failures and mastered new skills. I don’t feel that there is an age for entrepreneurship. I just know how much stronger it made me, how motivated it made me to turn my next virtual venture into gold.

I’m that determined.

Tomorrow you’ll read the last post on the topic of my background, the 4 main reasons why I plan on blogging here every day for at least the next 90 days and you will discover my life’s purpose.

And other groovy details that keep you dancing all night long.

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Tell me in the comments below: what made you discover that you were ready to be an entrepreneur?

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