I know your story

You started your small business to make a bigger difference in the world.

  • You want your business to inspire thousands of women and men to be all they can be.
  • You want your offers (products and services) to truly advance people's lives.
  • You want to be featured in the media to spread your empowering message.

When you dream, you dream big...

You envision yourself on national TV, being a catalyst for change.

But the reality is that you're stuck at the very first step: your website (I’m hearing you sigh).

If you and I are being completely honest with each other, right there and right now, it's been months that you are working on it.

Maybe 6 months or 2 years - you stopped counting a while ago. You just know that a lot of time has passed since you purchased that DIY website course that is now biting the pixel dust on your hard drive.

If only you could get your website to...

  • Have a shopping cart so you can start automating the sale of your services and products (without having to go through the technical jargon of the manual - that's painful for your eyes)
  • Display the beautiful colors that you picked for your brand a while ago (on a pinterest board that you really found pretty)
  • Use your prefered fonts for the headlines and copy

... then, this website would be off the hook. Literally.
Now, let’s just admit it. The promises from the DIY website course you purchased were not met and instead of feeling like a webmistress you are left more confused than ever.

Spinning your wheels is costing you time (away from your loved ones), money (the hours you spend on this website could be better used on marketing and selling) and soon... your sanity.

It's time to ditch the DIY course and get personalized, proven-to-work, expert guidance so you can take over your website and maximize it to its full potential.

At this point of your life, you need to let go of the technical chaos and reconnect with your creative self so you can launch this beautiful book, online group coaching program or event that you are holding back for so long.

That's where I come in. Hi, I'm Nadine N. Bone.

I’m a brand artisan.

I know from experience that when done correctly, your website can...

capture your unique personality.
automate the sales of your services and products.
make you visible to the media.

As a result of working with me my clients have:
  • had a 40% revenue increase in their 6-figure company
  • added up to $38,000 to their bottom line, sold out their year-long business coaching masterminds and reinvented their business model
  • become Best Selling authors (and raised funds for causes dear to them in the making)
  • landed a deal with a publishing house, because they were impressed by their professional online brand.

I've personally worked with New York Times Best-selling authors, celebrities, stylists, award-winning entrepreneurs, leading health, lifestyle and business coaches. The secret to their success is that there is a unique strategy behind their website, that is personalized to their life and business goals.

My mission

I believe that we become small business owners and entrepreneurs because we want to make a bigger difference.

The difference we make is our legacy to the world.

Your brand tells the story of the difference you are eager to make in the world.

Would you like me to uncover for you exactly what you need to update on the 3 key pages of your website that will help position you as a thought leader and sell more of your services and products, thus helping more people?

Let's plot your world revolution together.

All the spots for for Websites That Sell: discover the 3 simple tweaks to your website that can lead to more sales and more media coverage strategy sessions with me worth $250 have been filled. Thanks for your interest!

Feedback for my Websites that Sell strategy session:

"After my call with Nadine I know the exact steps I need to take to fix my website. I have so much more confidence than ever that I can have a lucrative online business.”

Before my call with Nadine I was having so much confusion on how my website should be set up. Because I lacked clarity, I wasn't attracting my ideal client and was getting no results.

In the two years I've been trying to build an online business I have made so many mistakes and have made very little progress. After my call with Nadine I know the exact steps I need to take to fix my website. I have so much more confidence than ever that I can have a lucrative online business

Not only is Nadine absolutely brilliant, but she's thorough and it really shows how much she cares and wants to help others. I can't say that about any other expert I've worked with. She really has the knowledge, experience, and instinct to properly diagnose problems and give clear direction as to how they can be fixed.

Nadine is so much different than other gurus. She leaves out the fluff and the one size fits all approach to online business that so many teach. Each business is different and Nadine will personalize a plan that is specific to you and your goals. Go for it and finally get rolling in your business!

Jessica Brown
Vintage Beach Studio Owner