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While I'm revamping my website, please enjoy my gift to you: my 25-page workbook "5 Easy & Fun Steps to Prioritize your time". Sign up below to receive it.

  • On page 2, you will discover WHY prioritizing your time is hard
  • On page 12, you will learn HOW to prioritize your time with ease and joy
  • On page 19, you will fill a worksheet to help you COMMIT to make your ideal day a reality

Can't wait to share the new website with you,


Nadine N. Bone
Small Business Branding Consultant in Paris.

My Portfolio

Client Raves

“Working with Nadine helped my company grow its revenue by 40%!”

I was lacking strategy and systems to help my business grow. I needed someone to see the vision that I have and the step-by-step plan on how to get there. Working with Nadine helped my company grow its revenue by 40% in just under a year and I already had a 6-figure business! She is one smart cookie and...

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Tonya Leigh
Founder & CEO, French Kiss Life, Inc. / www.tonyaleigh.com

“Nadine brainstormed and helped us develop and launch our mastermind program generating $38,000 in revenue!”

Before working with Nadine we were in complete overwhelm, we felt like we did not have enough hours in the day to complete tasks as we were trying to launch 2 new programs in a pinch right before the holidays.

We loved that Nadine was proactive in giving us ideas about how we can generate money and how she kept us on track with our goals...

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Tracy Matthews & Robin Kramer
Jewelry Designers’ Business Coaches / www.flourishthriveacademy.com

“I went from 0 to 250 people on my list and have generated over $1,000 in sales, without any marketing!”

I needed a new website and tried to do it myself using WordPress. I became very frustrated so reached out for advice in a women’s entrepreneurial group that I’m in. Nadine “threw her hat in the ring” and I was blown away by her portfolio. When we did our initial meeting, I was again blown away by her organization and professionalism. I hired her instantly!

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Christina Daves
Founder, PR For Anyone™ / www.prforanyone.com

“With Nadine’s help, my book hit the Amazon’s best seller’s list and my list size grew by over 20%… You can’t afford not to hire her!”

Prior to working with Nadine I was overwhelmed with the massive project of launching my second book. I was missing important milestones and I knew if I wanted my book to be successful, I needed some help with the organization of the launch, the design of the website and all the nuances that come with this kind of project.

She really took the time to get to know me. And rather than just offering a service and completing it, I felt like she became my partner in this project. She was just as invested as I was...

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Kimberly Riggins
The Watch Her Thrive Project / www.watchherthrivebook.com

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