Intrigue Sessions

This is perfect if you are experiencing a brand identity crisis (you are confused about your brand identity) which currently:

  • prevents you from marketing your business successfully;
  • puts you in a position of attracting non-ideal clients for your business;
  • prevents you from attracting more ideal clients.

The deliverables:

As we work together for the next 3 months on your brand, we will co-create together the following:

  • Create a brand statement: we’ll dive into your personal story and uncover your unique brand message and capture it with a short tagline so it communicates your unique brand values to leads and customers
  • Create a brand style guide – this will become overtime one of your most valuable business assets. Note that the creation of the brand style guide does not include the creation of the logo design. It includes giving you my professional input and putting together for you the best colors, patterns and fonts for your brand moving forward.
  • Make your website sell: a website audit can reveal major and minor flaws in your marketing. I’ll review your website with a fine-toothed comb and give you actionable steps to take in order to improve your opt-in and sales conversion rates.
  • Learn how to update your WordPress website on your own: having a 7-year background as a web developer and web designer, I have in-depth knowledge of WordPress and can answer any of your WordPress questions; I can also show you how to update your WordPress website to implement my recommendations.
  • Get the strategy you need for your business: I’ll be happy to provide you with winning strategies for all your brand needs so you can take your business to the next level! This includes working together on the strategy of your list building efforts, your sales funnel, your upcoming mastermind/group coaching program/book launch and more. I’ll take you behind the scenes of 5-figure launches and 6-figure businesses so you can avoid costly mistakes and follow proven strategies that work.

At the end of this program you will have all the deliverables mentioned above completed.

The benefits:

  • Creating a brand statement will bring you the clarity you need to move forward with your online marketing; you and your customers won’t be confused anymore leading you to market your services better and your customers to find you more easily and invest in your offers faster;
  • Creating a brand style guide will save you money overtime as it’ll prevent you from having to start from scratch every single time you hire a graphic or web designer; you’ll be able to simply send them the style guide and they’ll have visual guidelines on how to respect your brand as they create something new for you; this document will speed up the completion of your design projects;
  • learning how to update your WordPress website at the fraction of the cost of hiring a web developer to do it for you; then you’ll know how to maintain that website as well, saving you from on-going website maintenance fees;
  • having an expert review your business and marketing plan and tell you whether you’re on the track for more money and media coverage will make a difference in your business; you can bounce off your ideas with me and I will personally share with you what strategies I know work when launching a new service and product. When working together, we will focus on optimizing your business growth strategy and saving you from making costly mistakes.

I have personally invested in high-level coaching programs – to name a few, I’m happily in the business mastermind of Emmy Award winner Natalie MacNeil, I’ve joined Marie Forleo’s Bschool, numerous courses from Kendall Summerhawk and I’ve coached privately with Amber McCue and Sue Ann Gleason. Let’s leverage my years of experience working with high profile clients and my business trainings to help you save time and accelerate your brand and business success!

The Investment:

Depending on your small business brand goals and accountability needs, these two options are available:


Intrigue Conversations

$250 a month for 3 months ($750 total)

1 x 60 min session a month (or 2 x 30 min monthly sessions)


Intrigue Intensives

$500 a month for 3 months ($1500 total)

2 x 60 min sessions a month (or 4 x 30 min monthly sessions)


For instance, if you want to work with me on revamping your website, you will likely need the Intrigue Conversations option.

If you do want to work with me on the strategy of an upcoming launch, you will likely need the Intrigue Intensives option.

I can help you better determine which option is best for you based on what you’ll share in your application (read further to find the link to apply).

The collaboration:

  • In the initial session we will work on your 3-month brand plan and define what you are expecting to get out of our collaboration and how we will concretely make it happen.
  • We will have 1 x 60 min session (or 2 x 30 min sessions if you prefer) OR 2 x 60 min sessions (or 4 x 30 min sessions) a month for 3 months.
  • You can submit one brand question by email every week in our private workspace and I’ll get back to you within 24h Monday through Friday.
  • The files created together will be available in our private workspace.
  • You will have unlimited access beyond our collaboration to your private workspace and the documents we will have shared along with our communication.


Now that you know all the details, I invite you to co-create your brand with me. It will be my pleasure to uncover your unique brand and make it even more visible and beautiful to the world.

Let’s unveil your unique brand statement, story, core values and the matching visuals (logo concept, prefered color palette, fonts and patterns)!

I only offer the Intrigue Sessions to twelve (12) entrepreneurs at any time and exclusively upon acceptance of the application below. Let’s get this party started, shall we?



Please note that the Intrigue Sessions only include brand consulting services and not implementation. If you do need implementation, you can work closely with your creative professionals or my creative team can implement the steps for you.