Reinvention Lab

This is perfect if you need to reinvent or polish your brand. You know it because:

  • you need to position yourself as a thought leader and elevate the perceived value of your personal or business brand;
  • your ideal clients are no longer the same as when you started your business or they have new needs that your brand doesn’t currently address;
  • you hit an income ceiling with your business and to break through this ceiling, you realize that you need a fresh new brand.

I believe that we make the biggest difference when we are empowered to share our inspirational, personal story with the world in style.

I wake up every day with the mission to help change-makers overcome their brand identity crisis so they can turn their personal story into their legacy to the world. I use my profound insights to deliver engaging, innovative brands. You can count on my perceptive forethought to provide you with a winning brand strategy plan.

I have a 5-step process to get to the root of your brand identity and uncover how to best convey visually its core message online (and off!)

  1. Your Brand Story – how to effectively infuse your personal or business story in your brand (there is a science to it)
  2. Your Brand Personality – how to design your brand identity so that it is unique in the world
  3. Your Brand “Kingdom” – how to establish a strong online presence for your brand and attract your ideal clients
  4. Your Brand Experience – how to craft a red-carpet brand experience for your leads and customers and convert them into repeat clients
  5. Your Brand Evolution – how to constantly grow your brand and maintain or increase your impact and revenue

During our Reinvention Lab, 1 or 2 full strategic consulting day(s) in Paris, we will work on positioning you as a thought-leader and on making your brand visually appealling to your target audience so that it strategically converts strangers into high quality leads and leads into repeat customers.

Meeting Your Needs

In today’s global market, anyone who leverages technology can become an entrepreneur overnight. Being perceived as a thought leader in your industry is not an easy task. It requires to stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as a trusted authority in the eyes of your target audience.

The reason why you are experiencing difficulties at the moment with your business is because you do not have a clear action plan to achieve your vision. This confusion makes it difficult for you to reach out to your target audience and establish yourself as a unique leader in your industry.

The Results

My Reinvention Lab will deliver the following results for you:

  • Identify the source(s) of your brand identity crisis – Having a clear understanding of what you need to change and improve in your current brand strategy is crucial in achieving your business goals.
  • Set up your brand foundation – A well-designed, clear brand strategy guide can become your most valuable asset in your business. Overtime, your brand equity will allow you to charge more than your competitors for the same services or products and position you as an expert. I will walk you through my proprietary 5-step Brand Foundation System to achieve this result.
  • Eliminate the guesswork – Once you will be clear on your brand foundation, I will be creating the wireframes for every single one of your future website pages – whether it’s for your business website or a promotional website for a launch, thus eliminating dozen of stressful hours for you, spent wondering which pages you need on your website(s) and what website elements are best to showcase on each one of them.

The Deliverables

The end-goal of our strategy days is to craft your 12-month bran plan so you can leave with an actionable plan to finally get the results you want with your business. Our Reinvention Lab, 1 or 2 full day(s) in-person brand strategy consulting brand in Paris include the following deliverables:

  • Full Brand Analysis Report : A brand analysis allows you to understand what you have done so far that needs to be removed or improved on in your brand strategy. I develop this analysis for you based on research and projection of your business costs, competitors and customer(s) profile(s). This customized solution will keep your pipeline full of high quality leads and ensure that you use your business resources for the most profitable outcome.
  • Brand Identity Foundation Report and Brand Style Guide : I will personally walk you through your brand foundation from start to finish. Then, relying on those firsthand observations and an external perspective, I will offer actionable advice and resources that you will be able to constantly go back to when growing your brand.
  • 12-month Brand Strategy Plan & Sales Funnel Report : I will use my expertise in launching best-selling books, sold-out group coaching programs (year-long masterminds, 6-weeks online coaching programs, etc.) to determine how to best structure your brand strategy around your sales funnel and where to assign resources to generate the most profits.
  • Websites Wireframes Files – I will personally come up with the list of pages needed and create the wireframes for every single one of your websites pages. It will allow you to speed up the completion of your websites creations projects.

The Collaboration

  • First, if your application is accepted, we meet on the phone to discuss whether you need one or two days of strategic consulting for your brand.
  • My team and I will coordinate all the details of your stay in Paris. Please note that while we will plan your stay in Paris, the flight and accommodation fees are not included.
  • We meet in Paris for a full day of private planning and strategy sessions. This includes sharing business breakfast, lunch and dinner to further discuss and celebrate our achievements for the day in prominent Parisian restaurants. This strategy session would be continued into the next day if you’ve opted to have 2 full strategy days.
  • During the following 15 days, we exchange in our virtual workspace where you receive the customized reports for your brand: the Full Brand Analysis Report, the Brand Identity Foundation Report and Brand Style Guide, the 12-Month Brand Strategy Plan & Sales Funnel Report and the Websites Wirerames files.
  • Within the 30 days following your Reinvention Lab, you have the opportunity to ask me one question per week or get on the phone with me for a total of 60 minutes (either in one call or 2 x 30 min calls) to ask me any question regarding your brand.

Why Choose to Work With Me?

You can’t afford to lose significant opportunities to grow your business. Your time is better spent on maximizing such opportunities rather than on spinning your wheels trying to figure out the best brand strategy or the best technical tools for your business.

That’s why you want a brand strategist to provide you with actionable solutions to maximize your return on investment so you can stop compromising further your time and natural strengths. My expertise in working behind the scenes of 6-figure coaching and consulting business models, my knowledge of the industry softwares and my deep commitment to my clients’ success put me in a unique position to provide you with winning strategic guidance for your brand.

I’ll bring the following strengths to your business brand:

  • I have successful experience working with high profile entrepreneurs who share your business model – I have been working with coaches and consultants for the last 4 years and helped them achieve their business goals. Some of my clients report up to 40% income increase, sold-out group coaching and mastermind launches and best-selling book launches. I only recommend and share tested and proven business strategies, saving you time and avoiding you costly mistakes in the process.
  • I am both creative and technical – having a background as a graphic designer and web developer, I understand that your business needs a holistic approach to create a cohesive brand experience. When working with me, you will discover that I take into consideration all the aspects of your brand. I do not separate the creative side (design, concepts) from the technical side (web development, strategy). In my view, the two work hand in hand to provide the best experience for everyone involved (you and your clients.)
  • I am a minimalist – I believe that your business is meant to go far, not to go fast. For this reason, I only provide bite-size, actionable recommendations that inspire implementation. I will always choose the most simple, time and cost savvy solutions for you to experience. I take pride in providing strategy that empowers sustainable, long-term growth.

The Investment

The Reinvention Lab is ideal for the entrepreneur who is ready to invest in his or her business transformation and save years of trials and costly errors.

I limit this opportunity to one (1) entrepreneur per month and exclusively upon acceptance of the application below. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

The investment starts at $5000.


Please note that the Reinvention Lab only includes brand consulting services and not implementation. If you do need implementation, you can work closely with your creative professionals or my creative team can implement the steps for you.