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My “Entrepreneurista” Challenge Day #11 – Top 10 Virtual Assistants Businesses on Facebook [PART 1]

As announced in my previous post, today and tomorrow I’ll be presenting 10 VA Businesses who took extra care of their branding on the number one social media website, Facebook.

#1. Alicia Rittenhouse – http://www.facebook.com/alirittenhouse.va

Alicia is considered by many as a “high-end” virtual assistant, she even teaches virtual assistants how to become Geek Goddesses! (this is an affiliate link). Geeky, groovy, her Facebook business page shows her energy and unique personality. Besides, Alicia invites the visitor of her page to click the “Like” button. Furthermore, she offers 10 free tips that answer the questions of both virtual assistants’ clients and virtual assistants themselves when they enter their email on her Facebook Business page. A bright idea!

Question: Does your virtual assistant Facebook Business Page offer a quality incentive to encourage your potential clients to “like” your page?

#2. The Golden Rule VA – http://www.facebook.com/TheGoldenRuleVA

I stumbled upon Melissa H. Dery’s virtual assistant business website in the past weeks and really loved the fun, engaging theme of her business branding. The Golden Rule VA is all about assististing direct sales superstar by helping them eliminate office overwhelm. This is perfectly translated in her Facebook business page! Indeed, the mix of warm colors along with the picture of a woman’s legs who has a relaxed attitude while on the phone indicates that people who get in touch with the Golden Rule VA will be able to better focus on their direct sales strategies afterwards.  Besides, Melissa explains in a few lines why she loves working with direct sales professionals, then she gives to her visitor the possibility to contact her via email and to discover her official website in just a few clicks. Very engaging Facebook page!

Question: Does your virtual assistant Facebook Business Page include clickable links that encourage your visitors to take action within seconds after landing on your Business Page (by visiting your website or sending you an email)?

[bonus tip] The Golden Rule VA Facebook page has been designed with PageModo

#3. I am virtuella – http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-am-virtuella/133421690068688

I found Christina’s website while browsing the testimonials of the VA Apprenctice. As I am myself part of the VA Passport, many past graduates are highly recommending it and I was curious to see the results the past graduates had. And I’m really impressed! Christina’s official website looks unique (also did you notice it has my two favorite colors in there? I talked about that in my Entrepreneurista Challenge Day #9 blog post… go back and check it out if you are curious) and the Facebook Business page of her virtual assistant business is a perfect match. Throughout both her website and her Facebook presence, her business branding is clear and consistent.

Question: Do the colors and the style of your Facebook business page match those of your website?

[bonus question] Is your business branding consistent through ALL your social media pages and your website?

[bonus tip] I am Virtuella Facebook page has been designed with Lujure

#4. Live Hire – http://www.facebook.com/LiveHire

Gráinne Foley has one of the best examples of Facebook Business Page branding. Contrary to the examples above who are Facebook pages of independent virtual assistants, Live Hire company offers “VA matchmaker” services. The plus of this Facebook Business Page is that it puts the accent on connecting with the company outside of Facebook as well: the image on the top left presents icons of Twitter and LinkedIn as well as the words a user would need to type in, in order to find them on these social networks. This is a great way to engage with visitors who may not have yet a Facebook account or may be browsing Facebook with their personal account and would rather stick to professional contacts on websites like LinkedIn!

Question: Does your virtual assistant Facebook Business Page present alternative ways to connect with you outside of Facebook?

[bonus tip] Live Hire Facebook page has been designed with FanPageEngine

#5. Dawson Documents Virtual Assistanthttp://www.facebook.com/dawsondocumentsva

What I particularly appreciate about Dawson Documents’ Facebook Business Page is the harmony of the colors and nuances used in all the elements of the page.  On the top left, Erin puts forward the top 3 reasons why small businesses should hire her and in the first lines of the main page element, she asks questions to her visitor that may reasonate with how they are feeling as they stumble upon her Facebook Page. She then goes on and presents in-depth, bulleted lists of her virtual assistant business services. The plus of this VA Facebook Business page is that it includes a video presenting the company. Last but not least, the URL of the official website of the VA business as well as of its contact email is put forward.

Question: Does your virtual assistant Facebook Business page include a video that introduces your services?

That’s it for the first part of the Top 10 Virtual Assistants Businesses on Facebook! Tomorrow we’ll review together the 5 last websites of the selection.

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