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My “Entrepreneurista” Challenge Day #1 – Meet the Challenger

Every day, for at least 90 days, I’ll write on this blog my experience of aspiring woman entrepreneur. I’m based in Paris, France. Being bilingual, I want to reach out to a global clientele and I am currently on the planning phase of my international online business, an online business management company. I plan to launch it in March 2012.

This post talks about me, my background. I think it’s an essential part of starting a business. I mean a business here, not a month-to-month job that you own. I believe that if you start a business that is meant to last you a lifetime (or at least you ideally plan for that), then you must clearly know who you are and what you want in life. I answered all these questions while working on myself in the past months so I can sum them up here today.

As I reflected on what I have accomplished in 2011 – and the years before – I realized how many of my dreams vanished. I’m not talking about the ultra small goals that one typically sets for the New Year – but the big ones, those that make you feel greater than great.

I never realized my dreams.

One of the things that I’m the most proud of is to have joined a group coaching program online, in 2011. I always thought that these stuff were huge scams and boring and annoying and pretty much get-rich-quick schemes in disguise… but this one was exactly the contrary – it exceeded my expectations and it probably changed my entire life.

It’ll be 8 months now since I joined Marie Forleo’s kickass B-school and I can clearly see the shift in my mindset since then as well as all the unique knowledge I’ve gained through various resources after this program. January 2012 also marks 8 months of my presence in the inspiring community of ambitious women who shared the program with me and who are each living their truth every day. Each of them is so inspiring! Our common aspiration to have a positive impact on each other lives and to make it big online forced me to get real with myself.

I have decided to make of 2012 my best year ever.

I have decided to be authentic and to always strive for integrity and excellence in anything I do. I had various job experiences in the past that made me stronger and are setting me up for the challenge of creating an international online business.

So this is my commitment to this blog: I plan on coming every single day on this blog and write down steps by steps how I’m creating my international business. But today (and for a few posts), I’d like us get to know each other better so you can have a clear picture of who I am and what I do. Indeed, I believe that this will ultimately have an impact on the decisions I will take later on regarding my projects. On your side, it may help you realize that you would make way different decisions or have a much different vision on what I choose and do.

Here is what you must know about me…

  • I have studied Modern Literature for 2 years in Michel de Montaigne University in Bordeaux, after graduating from the high school of the same name, in the same town (I know, it’s exciting – not.)
  • I LOVE literature. If you throw books at me, I’ll eat them (but don’t do that. I might throw them back at you. It might hurt. We may not get along well… you got me.)
  • I wasn’t exactly bored in university because as I said above, I freakin’ love literature – but I started to be even more addicted to anything new tech’. We had computers at home in the early 90’s and I couldn’t believe my eyes that one thing in the world – internet namely – had the power, just like a book, to take you to an other world in a couple of seconds – or should I rather say, a couple of clicks. We even had a Mac back then! But for some mysterious reasons, I’m pretty much team Windows since the ol’ good days.

Reflecting on myself over the last months allowed me to acknowledge both my failures and my strenghts but most importantly my dreams. In 2012, I plan on taking massive action. That’s where I am now in my life – moving forward!

Tomorrow you’ll discover one word that could define me and what I can’t live without. You’ll also know the skills that I learned along the way and with which I’m already making a living.

And tons of other details that stay crunchy in your milk.


Tell me in the comments below what is your biggest lesson from 2011?