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My “Entrepreneurista” Challenge Day #12 – Top 10 Virtual Assistants Businesses on Facebook [Part 2]

Did you enjoy yesterday’s selection? It’s finally time to discover the final 5 Virtual Assistants Businesses Facebook Pages.

#6. Westwood Virtual Associates – http://www.facebook.com/WestwoodVA

This is definitely one of the best designed Facebook Pages I’ve seen, not only in the Virtual Assistant niche, but in general. The tones of blue are beautifully enhanced by the light green touch (such as the line under “easy!”), which is a beautiful example of branding based on a company’s logo. I especially like the hand icon over the “like” button that clearly indicates visitor what they should do next. A very professional virtual assistant business Facebook Business Page design! 

Question: Does your virtual assistant Facebook Business Page shows that you specialize in a certain type of services? 

#7. Arc Virtu@l Assistants – http://www.facebook.com/VirtualAssistantUK

I really like this virtual assistant business’ Facebook Page: you can’t help but thinking about the digital age we are living in as well as all the elements of a “virtual” office. The design is very clean, bright and inviting. The purple of the screen is brilliantly reproduced in the “please like our page” sentence on the top right, just under the “like” button, it’s not only very aesthetically pleasant, but it’s also a strategic placement. The “office” theme is perfected with the pen and papers, that is also found behind the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn information on the bottom left of the main image. Last but not least, did you also the phone number on the top left? A very creative virtual assistant business Facebook Page Design!

Question: Does your virtual assistant Facebook Business Page have a special theme that is reflected in the smallest details?

[bonus question] If you are reachable by phone, does it display your phone number?

#8. Virtual Business Solutions ON DEMAND – http://www.facebook.com/VBSOD

Serena Carcasole’s Facebook Business Page is among my favorite, because it presents a feminine touch with a professional style. If you look closely, her Facebook Business Page is very complete: it presents twice the logo, ensuring that the brand is put forward, it invites the visitor to “like” the page with a dynamic arrow of a darker blue, it also gives invites the visitor to enter their email to receive a free ebook. Last but not least, Serena put forward her industry accreditations and certifications, right under her name. This is a thoughtful and inspiring virtual assistant business Facebook Page!

Question: Does your virtual assistant Facebook Business Page presents your industry affiliations?

#9. Mia Chambers, Virtual Assistant – http://www.facebook.com/NewMediaVirtualAssistant

Mia Chamber’s Facebook Page wall is a perfect example of both personal and business branding. Not only does it match the style and theme of the website, it also puts forward Mia herself as she smiles on the photo on the top left. Under her photo, you can see her location, some of the social networks where you can also find her, her phone number, her email and her business tagline, without talking about her official website’s address. That’s a lot of information cleverly crafted in a small space! Extremely impressive! I’ve also been enjoying the words in white on a light purple background on the top of the page – it’s a very clever use of this Facebook feature!

Question: Does your virtual assistant Facebook Business Page include your tagline?

[bonus question] If you are getting business from local networking, does it include the details of your location?

#10. RealSupport – Real Estate Virtual Assistant – http://www.facebook.com/RealSupportInc

Real Support is the first virtual assistant Facebook Page that I find which presents in photo the fact that it’s a team behind the name. The branding is fully respected by adding nuances of red in the forms of pixels, under the team photo and in the main banner of the “Webinar” tab of the page. Real Support put the details of the services they specialize it right under their photo, which is a great way for a visitor to check if they have a service he is already or may be interested in. I am showcasing the “webinar” tab of the Facebook page because it’s a brilliant use of Facebook functionnalities: inviting your visitors to attend one of your virtual events to discover more about what you can do, thus increasing your chance to turn your leads into customers.

Question: Does your virtual assistant Facebook Business Page include an “event” tab that details your upcoming events?

That’s it for today! I had a lot of fun finding these 10 virtual assistants businesses’ Facebook Pages and each of them had something unique that made them stand out. I would love to see your page, so don’t hesitate to share in the comments!

Tomorrow and for the next 2 days, I’ll put together a gallery to showcase the top 8 best examples of virtual assistant business branding on Twitter.

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Tell me in the comments below: do you use multiple tabs for your Virtual Assistant Business’ Facebook Page? If yes, what are they about (i.e: welcome, events…)?