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My “Entrepreneurista” Challenge Day #10 – Top 7 VA Businesses Websites [PART 2]

Welcome back for the second part of my top 7 VA Businesses’ websites! If you haven’t read the first part yet, click here to do it now. At the end of this post I’m issuing a warning for “copycats” in 4 simple points and an action plan to start upgrading your website today!

Final top VA websites review

#5. The Edge Virtual Assistanthttp://the-edge-va.com/

An other wonderful example of creative webdesign : The Edge Virtual Assistant, created and owned by Ros Null since 2006. The genuine mix of the skyrocket graphic and the stars on one hand with the photos of colorful pens, binders and an agenda on the other hand tells you everything you need to knw about the VA business: they are fun to work with yet extremely professional and well organized. Their business is geared towards their clients’ success.

The plus of this virtual assistant business website: Their free offer is the first element that you notice when you visit the website. As a visitor, it makes you want to start engaging with them and discover the wealth of their knowledge as well as their expertise.


> What do the images on your website say about you and your business?

[BONUS QUESTION] Do you present a quality free offer on your website in exchange of their emails? 

#6. Coast 2 Coast business – http://www.coast2coastbusiness.com/

Lisa Well’s website is the perfect example of a top notch VA Business website. Her branding is so consistent that the green of her website can also be found on the shirt she wears in her main photo! I am also following one of her clients, BareFoot Executive who has several thousands of people following her on Twitter and Facebook so finding her endorsement on the home page totally brought me a smile and a sense of respect.

The plus of this virtual assistant business website:  The image of presentation presents a “get started” button, this is also called a “call to action” button and is a great way to catch the visitor’s attention and guide him to the page where he can be presented information to decide if he’s ready to hire you today.


Do you have one or many rockin’ client testimonials that you could put forward on your home page? [ If it’s not already the case, ask for it and explain it will help you attract more quality clients like them. ]

[BONUS QUESTION] Do you have a “call to action” button that encourages visitors take action and contact you within seconds after landing on your website?

#7. Reliance Adminhttp://www.relianceadmin.com/

Judy M. Reyes’ company, Reliance Admin, has one of the most professional webdesign I have seen, VA Business or not. It presents clean line, a perfect alliance of white space and light green. The light green can be found on all the element of the website: it’s the color of the button for the top navigation and the color of the text on the matching navigation at the bottom. Knowing that green is the color of the logo, it’s a very thoughtful way to showcase the company’s branding color throughout its official website. The call to action button here is all about inviting the visitor to call the company for a free consultation.


The plus of this virtual assistant business website: At the bottom of the home page, you can see 7 different accreditations that are a proof of Judy’s professionalism and dedication to the industry.


> If free consultation is part of the way you do business, do you put it forward on your website?

[BONUS QUESTION] What are your industry proofs that show clients that you are committed to excellence in the industry and that they can trust you?

As we’ve seen today, there are various ways you can boost clients’ trust via your website. If you do not meet your clients offline, which is the case for most Virtual Assistants, then you must realize that your official website is their only way to gauge your service offering.

By setting up an aesthetically pleasant, easy to navigate and engaging website, you will increase the likelihood to turn your visitors into returning clients.

Here is my warning for copycats in 4 points:

  1. DO NOT COPY the websites presented in this selection, today and yesterday. They themselves or professionals they hired likely spent an incredible amount of time, energy and creativity on these projects and if you act yourself as a professional in your business, you will respect that.
  2. The second main reason why you should not copy is that people will quickly find out and nobody will want to be associated with a “copycat.” It’s a shady business practice and shows poor work ethic.
  3. The third reason is that even if you could add all the elements of these websites, your home page and/or your website would look messy. They each are beautiful because they decided on the elements that are the most important to them rather than just add all sorts of buttons and images to their websites.
  4. Last but not least, the second version of anything in life, including websites, will always be a “second rate” version.

One of my  favorite quotes related to the last point:

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. – Judy Garland

Trust me, being yourself and changing your website slowly but certainly towards your ideal vision is the best strategy in the long term. People will come to you for your style and will be thrilled as you update details here and there so that it shows that your website evolves along with your business’ vision.


  1. Go ahead and read once again the questions in red in today and yesterday’s article.
  2. Answer each question.
  3. Ask yourself which are the top 3 elements you wish you had on your home page/your website? Ensure that it matches your very own vision of your ideal website (Did you create the basics of your ideal virtual assistant business branding? If not, click here and read the bottom of the article. Reading the article completely is good too, you know?)
  4. Determine up to 3 elements you want to add to your home page/your website.
  5. Now write down the resources you will need to add these elements, set a date for the completion and work towards it.

Congratulations for upgrading your website’s feel and look!

…Even if you haven’t done anything yet but review the points above, it all starts with planning. Few people will get to actually go through the action steps it requires to get it done, but now you shouldn’t feel stuck anymore and should feel ready to do it, at your own rythm with your own rules!

You can add this page to your favorites and come back often to do this exercise. Indeed, it will ensure that your website evolves in time and is always matching what you want people to see in your company and your personality (colors that are consistent with your logo, friendly team, exude professionalism, etc.) I will personally come back here regularly and see how my business vision evolves and if new website elements are more important to me than in the past.

Tomorrow and over the next 2 days I’ll share with you 10 rockin’ VA Facebook Business Pages. I hope you are as thrilled as I am to work on your business brand! When you will be done working with it, your friends, family and team will be wowed.

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Tell me in the comments below: what types of services do you offer? Administrative, creative or technical?